GOLD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 15th September, 2017

Upwards movement was expected after last analysis. Friday completed a higher high and a higher low, but a deep pullback at the end of the session closed the candlestick red. Price remains above the invalidation point on the hourly chart.

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2 Steps to a High Probability Trade Set-up | 15th September, 2017

This is my favourite trade set up. Here’s what to look for and why.

Gold Monthly 2017
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To begin, look for a trend line which has strong technical significance. In deciding how strong or weak a line is use these guidelines here.

This trend line on Gold’s monthly chart is drawn as a bear market trend line as illustrated here.

Gold Daily 2017
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Zooming on at the daily chart level to see exactly where the line sits, we can see that price is not sitting perfectly upon it. That may be because this trend line extends so far back, to September 2011. The general idea does appear to be working here today though.

This is the trade set up:

Step 1.

Look for a breach of the trend line. If this is achieved on strong volume, then have more confidence in the breach. StockCharts data does show very strong volume for the 5th of September, which is the daily candlestick on their data that would have been the day of the breach.

Step 2.

Look for price to curve around and back test support at prior resistance (or in a bear market resistance at prior support). Enter in the direction of the larger trend when price tests the trend line.

This set up takes time. In this case a wait of 7 to 8 days after the initial break above the trend line.

Today, the long lower wick and bullish engulfing candlestick pattern offer a little more confidence in this set up.

Why is this such a good trade set up?

With a technically significant trend line, the set up offers an entry point to a trend which traders may have confidence in. The more significant the line, the more significant the breach.

Stops may be set quite close by. Allow a little room for overshoots, and for longer held lines slightly larger overshoots, but stops may be closer than the last swing low or high. This reduces risk.

Published @ 01:15 a.m. EST.

GOLD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 14th September, 2017

A little more downwards movement was allowed for and was expected to find very strong support at a long term trend line. This is what appears to be happening today with price bouncing strongly up off the line.

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US OIL Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 13th September, 2017

Downwards movement was expected. Over the last week price has made a lower low and a lower high, but the weekly candlestick so far is green with continued deep bounces.

Summary: The bigger picture for Oil remains bearish. Each time price comes up to touch, or gets very close to the maroon trend line, it should react downwards from there.

The target remains at 34.34. The invalidation point is moved down now to 49.42. A strong increase in downwards momentum is still expected.

New updates to this analysis are in bold.


US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Monthly 2017
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Within the bear market, cycle wave b is seen as ending in May 2011. Thereafter, a five wave structure downwards for cycle wave c begins.

Primary wave 1 is a short impulse lasting five months. Primary wave 2 is a very deep 0.94 zigzag lasting 22 months. Primary wave 3 is a complete impulse with no Fibonacci ratio to primary wave 1. It lasted 30 months.

There is alternation in depth with primary wave 2 very deep and primary wave 4 shallow. There is inadequate alternation in structure, both are of the zigzag family, but there is some alternation within structure. Primary wave 2 is a single zigzag and the triangle for intermediate wave (B) gives it a sideways look. Primary wave 4 is a sharper and quicker double zigzag.

If it continues, then primary wave 4 may not move into primary wave 1 price territory above 74.96.


US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Daily 2017
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The wave count sees primary wave 5 beginning with a leading diagonal for intermediate wave (1), and now a deep expanded flat for intermediate wave (2). This has good proportion, and fits at the daily chart level.

Intermediate wave (3) may have now begun. It may only subdivide as an impulse. Within intermediate wave (3), minor waves 1 and 2 may be complete.

Price continues to find resistance just below the upper edge of the maroon channel, which is copied over from the monthly chart. Assume this wave count shall have the right look while price remains below that trend line. Only would an alternate be considered if that trend line is breached.

Within minor wave 3, no second wave correction may move beyond the start of its first wave above 50.43.


US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Daily 2017
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It looks like price is continuing to find very strong resistance at the upper maroon trend line, which is copied over from monthly and weekly charts.

Minor wave 3 is starting out slowly. Oil does seem to have a tendency to begin its impulses slowly, accelerate towards the middle, and end with very strong fifth waves. This tendency is typical of commodities. A good example may be seen on the monthly chart with the slow start to cycle wave c: primary wave 1 was very short, primary wave 2 was deep and time consuming, and primary wave 3 began with another short wave for intermediate wave (1) and another deep correction for intermediate wave (2).

When this third wave gets going, it should then exhibit a strong increase in downwards momentum.

The target for minor wave 3 remains the same.

Subminuette wave ii may not move beyond the start of subminuette wave i above 49.42. If it does continue higher, then expect it to find very strong resistance at the upper maroon trend line. That line should not be breached if this wave count is correct.



US Oil Chart Daily 2017
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Recent days’ strongest volume is for downwards movement through the months of May to August. This strongly suggests that the larger trend is still down and upwards movement is still a counter trend movement. So far this year Oil has made a series of lower lows and lower highs, the definition of a downwards trend, although the bounces have been deep and time consuming.

For the shorter term, Oil entered a smaller consolidation range about the 25th of July. Resistance is about 50.40 and support is about 46.45 to 45.60. During this consolidation, it is the downwards day of the 10th of August that has clearly stronger volume suggesting a downwards breakout from this smaller consolidation.

ADX, ATR and Bollinger Bands all indicate that price is consolidating.

With Stochastics just returning now from oversold and price close to resistance, expect a downwards swing for the short term.


OVX Chart Daily 2017
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Normally, volatility should decline as price rises and volatility should increase as price falls. Divergence from this normal can provide a bullish or bearish signal for Oil. However, it is noted that this signal occurs both in minor and major lows and it cannot be used to distinguish between them.

No new short term divergence is noted between price and volatility. It is noted that the correlation co-efficient indicates that currently these markets are not inversely correlated.


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US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Monthly 2014
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This is from the 2014 archives.

I have had for a long time a bearish outlook for US Oil. Back in 2014 I even received some disparaging comments about it, but that’s okay because the record shows that so far the bigger picture was right.

I did struggle for some time with cycle wave b: how to label it, where it ended, and what would be the subsequent structure after it. But this came right some time later and now I am more comfortable with how this movement is currently labelled.

On the post for July 2014, the weekly chart target for the mid term was 74.53.

Published @ 03:52 a.m. EST.

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GOLD Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 11th September, 2017

A consolidation was expected to pull price down to about 1,335. Downwards movement has unfolded mostly as expected, although price is moving in more of a straight line than was expected and has reached 10.30 below the target so far.

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