2 thoughts on “Trading Room – 13th March, 2017 – Video

  1. Short COPX at 22.50 with a hard stop at 23.00 even.
    Mental stop at 21.75 to protect gains.
    Holding JCC June 30.00 puts
    Holding May ECH 40.00 puts
    Will exit at end of minor three or earlier if Lara sends alert of any change to wave count.
    FCX is also a big copper producer and in a clear down trend.
    Looking to acquire May 12.50 strike puts on any bounce….

    1. Excellent, thanks for sharing Verne.

      For anyone wondering what / why, Verne’s using these instruments to trade my Copper analysis.

      I’m using CFD’s on the Copper spot price, so a bit easier for me.

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