Below you will find short educational videos explaining the Elliott wave principle. Below this are links to useful educational material, mostly from Elliott Wave International. These links are provided in a logical order, so if you are new to Elliott wave and would like a course in understanding it follow the links in order starting at the top.
If you are completely new to Elliott wave you may want to start by viewing the excellent free online movie “History`s Hidden Engine”. This movie is entertaining and will explain the fundamental `why` of the Elliott Wave Principle. I believe that if you have a good understanding of the foundation then everything else will fall into place.

Part 1: Basic Elliott Wave pattern and Fractals

Part 2: Motive Wave Structures

Part 3: An Overview of Corrective Structures

Part 4: Threes

Part 5: Triangles

Part 6: Combinations
ewbasicTo gain further understanding of Elliott wave and how to use it in trading here is a 10 lesson text tutorial from Elliott Wave International.
ewpbookcoverIf you want to use the wave principle and do your own wave counts you will need a copy of the “Elliott Wave Principle” by Frost and Prechter. Ensure you get the Tenth Edition published 2005, or later. You can pick up a copy from Amazon or via the Elliott Wave International site.
“How The Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading” is a free e book from Elliott Wave International specifically for traders.
One of my personal favourites, the “Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook” by Jeffrey Kennedy from EWI shows how to use channeling techniques, MACD, moving averages and more in new and different ways to improve your trading.
There has been some recent research on Twitter as a real time illustration of social mood preceding movements in the Dow by about 3 days. This research supports the underlying principle of Elliott wave.