Will US Consumer Sentiment Data Release Influence Gold Price?

“The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index rates the relative level of current and future economic conditions. There are two versions of this data released two weeks apart, preliminary and revised. The preliminary data tends to have a greater impact.” [1]

US Consumer Sentiment data release will be at 10 a.m. EST on the 16th of June, 2017. The release will be for preliminary June data.

The sentiment data is very likely to affect equities and indices. It may also affect Gold, but any effect should be short term.

A look at an hourly chart with a simple Elliott wave count and Fibonacci retracement levels may yield clues as to what direction Gold may take after the release:

Gold Daily 2016
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If US Consumer Sentiment data does have an influence on the Gold price, then Gold may see a short sharp upwards thrust to end about either 1,257 or 1,261 followed by very strong downwards movement to new lows. The target at 1,221 is some days away.

To see how the bigger picture supports this view, see my current Elliott wave count.

This analysis is published @ 09:26 p.m. EST.

What Is Gold’s Next Move After US FED Interest Rate Decision on 14th June, 2017?

Technical analysis chart of Gold with Volume and On Balance Volume indicators, and support and resistance lines, may give guidance as to the direction Gold may take after FED Interest rate decision.

Gold Daily 2016
Click chart to enlarge. Chart courtesy of StockCharts.com.

The recent fall in price over the last three days does not have support from volume and this suggests a bounce should be expected here or very soon. Additionally, there is strong, bullish support for Gold’s price at about 1,260. These support the idea of upwards movement after the FED Interest rate decision.

However, the latest and now most important signal comes from On Balance Volume breaking below support. This is bearish.

Given that a technical analysis approach would expect Gold to move mostly in the direction of least resistance and away from greatest support, the expectation is for Gold to breakout upwards. But because of On Balance Volume’s bearish signal, any upside movement is expected to be relatively short lived.

Also, On Balance Volume supports my current Elliott wave count.

This analysis is published @ 03:30 a.m. EST.