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This post updates recommendations made three days ago.


Trading Room Open Positions 2017
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Copper has moved higher and is now very close to the invalidation point. If the analysis is correct, it should turn down here. If not, another loss will be booked.

USDJPY has moved strongly lower but remains so far within the trend channel and above the invalidation point.

Natual Gas positions may be positive. Move stops down now to just above the high of Monday, 13th of March, which with FXCM data was at 3.088. Positions which are comfortably positive may move stops down now to breakeven to eliminate risk.


Trading Room Closed Positions 2017
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USD Index has moved below the stop and breached an important trend line. At this stage, short positions should have been exited for a loss.

Members of Elliott Wave Gold should have very profitable positions today on Gold and possibly also Silver. These are not part of Trading Room because it is analysis for which EWG members have paid, so it is not being made public. These profits may mitigate any losses members may have today on USD Index.

This summary is published @ 06:54 p.m. EST.