Elliott Wave Gold is no longer active!


As of August 21, 2021, I merged Elliott Wave Gold and Elliott Wave Stock Market into one: Pure Elliott Wave.

Now please go to my new website: PureElliottWave.com.

Lara Iriarte, CMT

I encourage conversation in a positive and collegial manner. A polite and respectful manner means people are more likely to share ideas and learn from each other. That is the kind of environment that this website will promote.

I encourage discussion of alternate wave counts, but please note, any alternate wave count you wish to share MUST be accompanied by a chart.If you cannot be bothered charting your idea then don’t expect others to seriously consider it. Comments outlining alternate wave counts without a chart will be ignored and may be deleted.

I understand that not everyone will agree with my conclusions, and that’s okay. If everyone were always in perfect agreement the world would be a very dull place.

However, I have zero tolerance for comments that have an accusatory, derisive or aggressive tone. Even if you think your tone is none of these things, I may. I always reserve the right to delete comments such as these and will not enter into any correspondence with people who leave them.

Keep comments focussed on the markets and analysis. Refrain from making negative personal comments.

If you’re unsure how to judge the tone of your comments, if your grandma may possibly be offended then don’t write it.

If your comment is not published then complaining about it in the same tone is pointless.