Elliott Wave Gold is no longer active!


As of August 21, 2021, I merged Elliott Wave Gold and Elliott Wave Stock Market into one: Pure Elliott Wave.

Now please go to my new website: PureElliottWave.com.

Lara Iriarte, CMT


Q. Can you tell me how to trade?

A. No. This service is analysis, it is not trading advice. It is designed for experienced traders and does not suit beginners. It is also suitable for those who want to learn Elliott wave.

Q. What does membership provide?

A. The “Gold Plus Daily” provides once a day analysis of the Gold Spot (cash) market in written format with daily and hourly charts, video is provided once a week at end of week. It is not a blow by blow account of small movements on the hourly chart, so is unsuitable for scalpers. This analysis suits position traders and day traders. Membership also provides access to the community of experienced professionals who engage in daily comments sections.

Once a week, end of week US Oil is analysed in text and chart format (lowest time frame is daily), and also in video format, available by Sunday afternoon EST at the latest.

Once a week, end of week Silver Spot (cash) is analysed in text and chart format (lowest time frame is daily), available by Sunday afternoon EST at the latest.

“Lara’s Weekly” provides once a week, end of week analysis with charts, text and video of the S&P500, Gold and US Oil. Lara’s Weekly members also have access to end of week Silver analysis. Lara’s Weekly analysis provides daily charts as the lowest time frame. The purpose is to focus on the bigger picture and avoid noise of lower time frames. This service best suits investors with a longer term time frame, it is not suitable for day traders.

For all members of Elliott Wave Gold, from time to time extra analysis of other markets is provided and sometimes access is limited to members only.

Q. I have just signed up and have not received a username and password from you?

A. If you signed up via SwipeHQ the process is manual, please allow 24 hours for your account to be set up. Please also note we may be in a different time zone than you, New Zealand is +13 GMT.

If you signed up via PayPal the process is automated. You should have a welcome email with your username, password and other information sent to you from our website, email address: webmaster at (website address). If you cannot find this email please check your junk and spam folders, email filters may be stopping it from reaching you.

If you are trying to contact us and you have not received a response the most likely reason is our responses are landing in a junk / spam folder, or are stopped by email filters.

Q. Do you offer a discount for subscription to both of your sites; Elliott Wave Gold and Elliott Wave Stock Market?

A. No. The websites are separate. The membership software is separate.

There is a special deal on each; pay for five months get six months access. Find this on each site under “subscribe”. Membership fees are non-refundable so ensure this is what you want before you pay, look at Gold analysis public analysis first to see exactly what you will get.

Q. I am a member and I cannot access the site / cannot log on, why?

A. The most common reason is a skipped payment due to an expired credit card. When a payment is due and unable to be made access is automatically removed.

If you make payments via paypal then log into your paypal account to see when payment was due and if it has skipped. If a payment skips paypal tries again in five days. If the second attempt is declined your account is permanently cancelled. If you are paying a Grandfather rate cancellation of your account means you lose that rate.

If you make payments via SwipeHQ then log into your SwipeHQ account to make your payment. You will find a link to your SwipeHQ account in your monthly email receipt sent by SwipeHQ. Once payment has been made your access can be restored. We will hold you account for five days only. If payment is not made within five days of the due date the account is permanently cancelled. If you are paying a Grandfather rate cancellation of your account means you lose that rate.

If your access is removed and you have not skipped a payment then you must contact us so that we can help you. It is the responsibility of members to manage their subscription payments to ensure uninterrupted access to the service.

Q. How to I cancel my subscription?

A. You can easily do this yourself anytime. If you pay via paypal log into your paypal account, go to your signup date and find your recurring payment profile. Click on this and you will find a cancel option.

If you pay via SwipeHQ log into your SwipeHQ account and you will find a cancel option there. Access your SwipeHQ account using the link they give you in your monthly email receipts from SwipeHQ.

If you cannot figure out how to cancel your subscription yourself send us a message using our contact form and we will help you.

Members should cancel their subscriptions as soon as they decide they don’t want to continue. Don’t leave it until the date your next payment is due. If you cancel before your next payment is due your access will continue for the month you have paid for.

If you want to stop your payments you MUST cancel; either directly through paypal or SwipeHQ or by telling us. Payments are recurring and will be deducted monthly or six monthly unless you cancel.

Finally, if you have any questions, problems or difficulties with your monthly payments please contact us so we can help you. We can’t help you if we don’t know there’s a problem.

Q. What data do you use?

A. I am using data for Gold and Silver Spot (cash) markets via BarChart. This data is represented as the cash market and is an aggregation from the banks listed below:

ABBA (Average Best Bid/Ask)
Allied Irish Bank
Delta Stock Sofia
Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt
MB Trading
Merita Bank
MIG Investments SA
National Bank of Macedonia
OKO Bank
Rada Forex NY
Realtime Forex Geneva
Saxo Bank
Tullet Prebon
Central Bank of America
Windsor Brokers-Cyprus

S&P500 data is also supplied by Barchart, and is also cash. It comes from CBOE Indicies (not CFE futures).

I use StockCharts for my regular technical analysis. I am using their data for $GOLD which is an index value that corresponds to a theoretical, non-tradable “continuous” contract for gold that uses a weighted average of all the currently open gold contracts.

It is a useful backup to have two data feeds.

US Oil data is for WTI Crude (cash) via FXCM.

Q. Can you analyse (insert market of choice) for me?

A. Elliott wave analysis of a new market takes me from one to a few hours. If you are not a member of Elliott Wave Gold the answer will always be no.

Due to the number of requests for extra free analysis I will only be doing this for long standing members (at least five months). All other requests will be declined.

Elliott wave analysis only works for markets with substantial volume, so it won’t work for individual stocks.

Q. What do you think of this wave count / idea (followed by a long verbal description including price points and wave degrees).

A. I am a visual thinker. I find it extremely difficult to follow a written description of a wave count. If you want a reply you will have to post a link to a chart or email me your idea as a labeled chart.

For many questions from members and readers the answer should be clear to you if you try to chart the idea. The process you go through in putting your idea on a chart deepens your understanding of Elliott wave.

Questions about possible wave counts which are not accompanied by a chart may receive a short response requesting a chart. I’ll expect you to do more thinking before I answer the question directly.

Q. What charting package do you use?

A. I use Motive Wave. I love Motive Wave charts because they have the best charting tools that I have seen. I am able to put my Elliott wave labels on the live chart. I am not using the auto wave feature because I usually disagree with what it comes up with, the wave count is my own work. The charting package knows the basic rules of Elliott wave so it will tell me if I’ve broken a rule. This is a useful back up feature for me.

Q. At what times do you publish the analysis on the site?

A. StockCharts volume data is not finalised until 6:30pm EST and so I begin the analysis then when I have all information I need. Analysis of each market takes an absolute minimum of one hour, most often quite a lot longer. I normally do Gold second so it is normally published in the evening EST, about 8:30 – 10:30pm.

US Oil and Silver are now both published end of week.

End of week analysis (after Friday’s session is closed) is done over my weekend and is published Sunday afternoon (at the latest) EST.

Q. Can I send you my charts for you to look at?

A. If you are a member then yes, you may. If you are not a member I will reply only if time and workload permits.

If you wish to email me charts to look at you are most welcome to do so. I’m a geek and I think Elliott wave is fun. However, before sending off your wave counts please make sure you have carefully labeled each piece of movement. Place your labels for the count as you see it exactly at the bar you consider the turning point. Make sure all numbers and letters for your count of all degrees of waves you are considering are present. I really dislike receiving requests to look at badly and sloppily labeled charts and such requests may be returned with a short note to label your charts more carefully. If you’re not sure what I mean by careful labeling take a look at how I label my charts every day.

Finally, if you send me a question and / or a chart be prepared to receive a question in response. I will endeavour provide guidance for you so you can figure it out for yourself. For me to answer all questions about counting waves with a simple answer is too easy and not as much fun 🙂 Be prepared to think.

Q. How do you think this news / political announcement will affect the market?

A. I don’t.

Elliott wave analysis is mutually exclusive to fundamental analysis. Elliott wave theory states that it is social mood as illustrated by market movement that creates the news, not the other way around. I don’t have a television and my reading of news focuses mostly on my local area so I’m often unaware of what’s happening in “the news”.

Q. Do you trade? Do you take your own advice?

A. Yes, I do trade. Mostly Forex, but I’ve also traded US Oil and Gold. I will never trade corrections, only a clear trend. And so I tend to wait patiently for a trend to be clear before I open a position, which means I may be out of the market for long periods of time.

I have found that if I have a position in a market I am analysing for my members that it tends to influence my analysis. I want the market to go my way. I have reduced my trading of these markets so that my analysis can remain as objective as possible.

Q. I had a membership with a Grandfather rate and I cancelled. Can I get that rate back?

A. No. If you have a Grandfather rate, then at any time if you cancel your membership you lose the Grandfather rate. It cannot be retrieved. If you want to regain access to the service, you will have to sign up at the current rate. To keep a Grandfather rate membership payments must be made on time each month. If payments are skipped (due to insufficient funds or an expired credit card) your membership may be automatically cancelled by Paypal or SwipeHQ. This means you lose the Grandfather rate.