How Can You Have Greater Investment Confidence in Such Uncertain Financial Times?

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Let me ask you a quick question.

If you are an experienced investor or trader, how can you have confidence and create greater certainty for yourself and your investment decisions in such uncertain Financial Times?

I’d like to help you achieve peace of mind and improve the prospects of your future financial success. If you give me the next three to four minutes, I’ll let you know how.

I’m Lara Iriarte. I am a chartered market technician with over a decade of Elliott Wave and technical analysis experience. I provide a subscription service called Lara’s Weekly. This is a weekly service analysis of the S&P 500, Gold and US Oil markets, and it’s available on

To illustrate what you’ll find in Lara’s Weekly, I’m going to show you my charts for US Oil for the 13th of March 2020 that were included in Lara’s Weekly.

At the beginning of each analysis I will always offer a summary, which is a brief overview of the current analysis.

US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Weekly 2020

I then start with Elliott Wave analysis first and end the analysis with technical analysis. The Elliott Wave analysis starts with a chart at the highest level, which on this date was a monthly chart.

US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Monthly 2020
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On the chart I begin the analysis from left to right, and then top to bottom. I’ll always present the main Elliott Wave count first. The chart will have Elliott Wave counts that will have targets and invalidation points. The invalidation point is the price point beyond which price should not move if the wave count is to remain valid. I explain which Elliott Wave rule I’m applying to determine the invalidation points. And again, I’ll always provide a bold arrow on the chart which gives you a general idea of the expected direction for price for that wave count.

Next I move to a chart at a lower time frame. As I move from a higher time frame to a low, lower time frame, I identify a point, a price point on the chart as I move so you can orient yourself between charts

US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Weekly 2020
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On this weekly chart I have Elliot wave counts, targets, I have invalidation points, and when appropriate I may draw trend channels. Again, I’ll always have a bold arrow to provide members with a general idea of the expected direction of price. There will be commentary below the chart explaining the Elliott Wave count. Again, when I move to the next time frame down, I’ll identify a price point on the chart so you can orient yourself between charts.

US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Daily 2020
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Each lower timeframe will show more detail of the Elliott Wave count. Generally, the commentary explains how the subdivisions form and why and where I expect for that wave count price should move next. And again, I advise which rule is applied to determine the invalidation point.

Very often there will be alternate Elliot wave counts included in the analysis. The commentary beneath will explain the difference between the main and alternate wave counts and why I’m ranking them an order of probability, and importantly what it is in the wave count that determines the probability. For alternate wave counts they will have invalidation points.

US Oil Elliott Wave Chart Monthly 2020
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After a thorough Elliott Wave analysis, I will then use classic analysis tools and techniques at multiple timeframes. I will almost always start with a weekly chart. In this instance for US Oil I also provided a monthly chart. And then I’ll analyze the next time frame. In this instance, a weekly chart.

US Oil Chart Weekly 2020
Click chart to enlarge. Chart courtesy of

And finally the lowest timeframe analyzed each week will be a daily chart.

US Oil Chart Daily 2020
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The classic technical analysis tools and techniques I am using are candlestick patterns, candlestick wicks; particularly at the daily chart level I’ll use moving averages; I will identify support and resistance on the chart and clearly point them out; I will identify any gaps and analyze what they may mean; I will be using volume bars; I will also use on balance volume; I use on balance volume with trend lines, and I will use on balance volume when it diverges with price; I use ADX as an indication of whether or not a market is trending and to identify when a trend may become extreme, or very extreme; I will use ATR as a measure of price volatility and strength; I will use RSI; I will identify times when RSI is extreme, and I look for divergence between price and RSI. I will add in Stochastics for use during times when the market is consolidating to identify when one swing may end and the next swing may begin.

Again, Lara’s Weekly is Elliott Wave and technical analysis of three markets: the S&P 500, Gold and US Oil, and it’s available on

Lara’s Weekly is designed for you to help you incorporate Elliott Wave and technical analysis into your decision making process if you don’t have the time or expertise to do your own Elliott Wave counts.

Lara’s Weekly is suitable for professional traders, stockbrokers and fund managers. Lara’s Weekly is also well suited for those who want to learn more about Elliott Wave. And currently I have many members who fit into these categories.

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