5 thoughts on “Silver Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – 9th October, 2013 – Update – Charts Only

  1. It’s been 12 days since your last analysis on Silver. When do you anticipate you’ll be doing the next analysis?

  2. thanks Lara..
    well so far, so close.
    gold dipped to 1282 (estimated 1287), and silver to 21.55 (estimated 21.44)
    jolly good!

    1. Yeah, I’m really happy with my analysis this week for gold and silver.

      If I’ve got it right they are both in downwards impulses, whereas for both these markets the the past week they were in corrections.

      Because there are 13 possible corrective structures (more if each possible combination is counted as a separate structure) this makes analysis during corrective phases much more difficult. I will have more invalidations on the hourly chart during corrections.

      The only problem when it’s in an impulse is figuring out where the second and fourth waves occur on the way down, and then figuring out when it has ended. But this is way easier than corrections!

      My accuracy for the next few days should be better than it was last week.

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