11 thoughts on “SILVER Elliott Wave Technical Analysis – Charts Only – 18th March, 2014

  1. Dear Lara,
    I’m looking for good entries/exits on upward movements. When you do your next update can you indicate targets as you do with gold or is this too difficult for silver?

    1. At this stage the trend for silver is down. I have learned the hard way that when I offer targets for small corrections within a trend some people will try to trade against the trend. Then they send me emails telling me I’ve made them lose money.

      The trend is your friend. Some people forget this and I don’t want to assist them in any way to trade against the trend.

      If you are a more experienced trader (as I suspect you are) then you may be able to pull it off. I expect that more experienced traders will be able to use my analysis as it is presented to do this.

      But overall at the moment I don’t have any targets for these small upwards corrections within silver because they’re just too small for calculation.

      When minute wave c within this triangle is completed then I will have a target for minute wave d upwards.

  2. Hi Lara,

    Looks like Gold is falling in the form of a-b-c rather than
    1-2, I-II… (on hourly or 240 min chart), in that case Gold should start
    pullback soon. Then do you think even Silver might have completed A-B-C – X and
    should start rallying again…

  3. Your question is answered in the FAQ. I cannot provide trading advice, this website provides pure analysis only.

    Every time someone asks me that question it gives me cause for concern. It indicates you may be relying solely upon my analysis to make your decisions and that you may not be doing your own technical analysis.

    I strongly advise my analysis to be used as only one tool in your decision making tool kit. Also, strong money management skills will help you decide where to put your stop loss. These are not things this website teaches.

    I would advise you start with “Technical Analysis of Stock Trends” by Edwards, Magee and Bassetti, 9th or 10th edition.

  4. Dear Lara
    Thanks for posting e w on silver. , I wish to know what should be stop loss for silver if I buy here for long term. Thanks

  5. Dear Lara,
    As always I am thankful that you do E.W. on Silver. I see that both Gold and Silver are completing Minor B waves down within their individual structures. Do you have a target price/date for Silver’s completion on Minor B? Where are we now, at/near end of Minute C? Thank you for your input.

    1. I don’t think we’re at the end of minute wave c down yet, the structure on the hourly chart looks incomplete.

      I don’t have a date or price for completion of minor wave B. It should be choppy and overlapping in an ever decreasing range and should last a few weeks yet.

  6. You need a reason for your prediction. Which should be accompanied by a chart. Otherwise it’s just another random prediction by someone on the internet and of no use whatsoever.

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