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This post updates recommendations made two days ago.


Trading Room Open Positions 2017
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Only one position should now be underwater. USD Index and NGas positions should be comfortably positive.

Although recommendations are made on when to take profits, this may not suit all traders styles. Some members do not like to hold a position overnight whereas some members prefer to hold positions for longer. Recommendations on when to take profits are recommendations only; they do not have to be followed. Use your own judgement and supplement my analysis with your own preferred techniques.


Trading Room Closed Positions 2017
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If members opened a short on Oil prior to the last recommendation, when price was at 48.07, profit may have been larger than shown in this table. Positions opened at last recommendation should now take profits because it looks now like Oil is ready to consolidate here and this may last a few days. Short positions opened as hedges during the last consolidation (a recommendation made prior to development of this summary table) may also like to consider taking some profits.

I have closed two profitable positions today on Oil. The first opened as a hedge at 53.899 and the second opened yesterday at 48.27.

This summary is published @ 06:03 p.m. EST.