Learn Elliott Wave – Spot The Mistakes | 3rd August, 2017

For those who want to hone their Elliott wave knowledge, have a go at spotting my deliberate mistakes:

Gold Daily 2017
Click chart to enlarge.

This one is easy (at least, I think it is and I’ve really tried to make it easy).

There is one mistake in the triangle (just one!) and one mistake in the impulse.

Can you find them both?

Name the rules which I have deliberately broken here. Answers will be posted in comments tomorrow or the day after.

Note: During the process of preparing this post, I found a solution that fixes my main problem with the current alternate wave count. This solution will be published in tomorrow’s Gold analysis.

Published @ 05:49 a.m. EST.

11 thoughts on “Learn Elliott Wave – Spot The Mistakes | 3rd August, 2017

    1. That’s essentially how I had that movement for my alternate until recently.

      The problem there is that A looks like a three, but needs to be counted as a five.

  1. Fixed it:

    This is how I’ll be labelling the wave up on our alternate from today. This resolves the problem I’ve been having with seeing A as a five where it looked like a three.

  2. This one hurt my eyes a little looking at it lol. Okay i’ll give it a try:

    1 – In the big triangle, it would be a running barrier triangle, so the fact that the D wave goes slightly beyond the B wave should be okay. But E waves cannot ever go beyond the C waves unless it is an expanding triangle, which this is not.

    2 – In the impulse up, wave 4 moves into wave 1 price territory, which violates a core EW rule for regular impulses

      1. hahaha well after seeing so many perfectly labeled charts of yours, looking at the incorrect triangle made me feel off balance for a minute lol. Yeah those errors were a little obvious to me. But I find these fun (geek alert!)

        1. Oh and exciting to see, i didn’t even realize this was the long term gold chart. Yes this looks very promising. I had wanted to see that portion that you now have as Intermediate Y as a regular flat and that we were in an impulse phase again, but was never sure about the moves coming before it and how it all fit together. Your solution may be it!

          1. Awesome. Geeks are good. I keep telling my son that. Not sure the message is getting through….

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