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Another brain teaser to test your Elliott wave knowledge:

S&P500 2017
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I have tried to make it a bit easier by violating only core Elliott wave rules and making the mistakes really bad ones. Price points of all waves are given so you can calculate lengths and look for the mistakes.

You can participate by either posting a chart or comment pointing out the five deliberate mistakes, or post a chart where you fix the wave count to remove the mistakes. It’s up to you. If making a comment, please refer to the degree of labelling the mistake is in.

I encourage all members who find this a bit challenging to really give it a go. This should be a great exercise to really hone your Elliott wave skills.


There are two mistakes which violate the same Elliott wave rule.

One mistake is in a corrective structure, and to me it looks very obvious.

Another mistake violates a core Elliott wave rule, but it is a matter of judgement as to how the wave may subdivide on a lower time frame.

Another mistake violates a core Elliott wave rule, probably the most important core Elliott wave rule which should absolutely never be broken, ever.

Answers will be posted tomorrow after tomorrow’s analysis is published. You have 24 hours. Have fun!

Published @ 04:30 a.m. EST.